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Find the key to unlocking ultimate wellness, success, wealth and love by following Leona Logan and her nemesis Hildegard's  stories filled with insights and humor. Listen to a conversation between a  human converse with puppet  and find yourself listening to them as if the puppet were human too.   Leona Logan RN, CNM, and her puppet, captivate their audiences at events, seminars, retreats and key notes bringing insights that inspire change from an "I Can't" mindset, to an "I Can", make a difference and live with purpose and meaning.  As a  Nurse-Midwife-Pastor Ventriloquist Motivational Speaker Leona can  make a difference in  the lives of those in your organization who need an "I CAN"   attitude for success.  Call  Leona Logan for a complementary phone consultation, (724) 464- 7858.

I learned a Few Things about WOMEN from women


Knowledge and wisdom differ.  I received a wonderful education from Emory University and the Frontier Nursing University, that set me on a journey as a women's health provider,  but it was through listening to women, and observations gleaned from thousands of women, that I found the key to unlocking  women's inner strength to give them confidence they seek in order to succeed, endure and change.  

Leona Logan's  programs free the positive sparks trapped in negative thinking, from disappointments, stress, put downs, that keep women stuck.   Leona Logan, helps women hear the soft whisper that tells her she CAN, so that she becomes alert, and aware of her strengths,  enabling her to overcome obstacles,  through out her life cycles.   Leona's presentations are interactive, enlightening, fun and one of a kind.  It's through being a Nurse-Midwife-Pastor Ventriloquist Motivational Speaker, that she teaches women to thrive.

Workshops, Retreats and Keynotes


Corporate events are  Leona's  specialty. Helping women succeed in all aspects of life, physical, emotional and spiritually brings balance and puts energy back into a woman's bounce. 

If you are looking for a dynamic speaker with decades of experience in women's health who successfully communicates YOU CAN DO IT to her audience, call Leona today for a complimentary  phone consult.   (724) 464-7858. 

Remember, Leona Logan, will and can bring a message to women that will change their lives.  Leona is  the Only Nurse-Midwife-Pastor Ventriloquist Motivational Speaker  that truly delivers.


Embrace the Future


What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your brightest future?  Leona with her puppet Hildegard get's the attention you need drawing potential customers to your event booth.   As an inspirational women's health and keynote speaker, she bring to you customer intrigue and new contacts.

The Real Connection


I speak to inspire women through my interactive dialog between human  & puppet.  As a professional motivational speaker, my audience's find themselves engaged, intrigued, and having to periodically remind themselves, Hildegard is only a puppet,  when they find themselves personally involved in her story they catch themselves chucklinge, saying, "She's only a puppet!."  Without effort, women begin to reflect upon their own story and find themselves captivated in the life of a puppet who seems to come alive before their very eyes.  It's impossible not to laugh, feel amazed while one develops new insights and willingness to believe that she can. The Only Nurse-Midwife-Pastor Ventriloquist Motivational Speaker that entertains and teaches all at the same time. 

Not Your ordinary Speaker


When your vision  matters,  you must move forward with passion.   Leona Logan, motivational speaker and ventriloquist, will challenge, motivate and help transform ideas into action.   Hire her to speak, inspire, celebrate with you at your next corporate event, medical seminar, community awareness program, retreat or fundraising endeavor.  Her enthusiasm, compassion and humor will prove that  your vision matter's to those you care about. The Only Nurse-Midwife-Pastor Ventriloquist Motivational Speaker that helps people move forward with passion and purpose.


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